Information and prices about the rooms

valid for the year 2024.

Bookings directly with us are always cheaper!

Have a look at the different types of room we can offer.

  A family room: 600 BOB

  price for 4 people


  A single room 180 BOB


 A double room: 300 BOB.

  A family room: 600 BOB

  price for 4 people.

  A triple room: 435 BOB



  A twin room: 300 BOB


All rooms have a private bathroom.

Hot water 24/24 hours available.

Breakfast included in the price of the room.

Internet available.


In the family rooms we can accomodate extra people (kids, friends).

3 PP: 420 BOB / 2 PP: 300 BOB

Consult our staff for explanation and the extra costs.

All taxes included in our prices must be paid.